• Psychology Program PA Trac Electives

    The following list of courses and electives are required for the PA Statewide Articulation Agreement in Psychology. Students intending to transfer to a PA Trac college or university should consult a transfer counselor early in their program.

    Psychology Courses:
    PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology
    PSY-202 Social Psychology or One (1) Life Span Course
    PSY-208 Abnormal Psychology
    PSY-270 Statistics for the Behavioral & Social Sciences
    PSY-290 Research Methods & Applications

    Computer & Information Technology Elective:
    CIT-100 Computer Fundamentals & Applications or 
    CIT-140 Office Productivity Applications

    Science Course: BIO-151 General Biology 1 

    Psychology Life Span/ Developmental Elective (choose one course)
    PSY-108 Human Growth & Development
    PSY-113 Psychology of Death & Dying
    PSY-204 Adolescent Psychology
    PSY-210 Child Psychology
    PSY-214 Psychology of Adulthood

    Philosophy Elective: PHL-155, Ethics

    Science Elective: Students should select lab courses from Biology, Chemistry,
    Physics or Astronomy.

    Restricted Elective: Students should select from the following: Art, Dance, Foreign Language, Geography, Health & Physical Education, Literature, Music or Theatre