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    The CCAC website provides information for prospective students, parents of students and prospective students, current students, alumni, employees, employers, community partners and other stakeholders. CCAC.edu is the primary web presence of the institution in an increasingly digital world, and is often the first thing people encounter about CCAC when they start their college search.

    The Webteam supports institutional, promotional and communication efforts by helping more than 200 content contributors publish their information on the college website.

    The Mission of CCAC.edu

    The mission of CCAC.edu is to support the mission, vision and goals of the college by acting as the institution's primary online identity and by delivering a user experience that will develop a lasting relationship with all visitors, particularly students and prospective students, by providing them with the information they need quickly, efficiently and enjoyably. To that end:

    • Site content will be accurate, current, relevant and engaging to respective audiences and optimized to invite external audiences to interact with the page.
    • Site design including navigation, page layout, images, videos, thumbnails and media will be in keeping with the CCAC graphic standards and college brand.
    • CCAC.edu will maintain a united and consistent quality in writing, appearance and formatting that best reflects the brand and identity of the college and current web best practices while providing information that is suitable to its primary audiences.

    CCAC Website & Social Media Team 

    Amanda Lawson
    Web Content Manager  

  • CCAC Social Media Guidelines

    This document was developed in response to the growing CCAC presence in social media and to provide a consistent framework for interested faculty and staff to anticipate in social media on behalf of the college to further CCAC’s educational and communication goals. Acting as a set of guidelines, this document will serve to encourage participation in social media, to reinforce the college’s messaging across channels and foster new forms of student engagement and to increase meaningful communication between the college and target audiences.
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