• Student Life

    At CCAC, we believe that life outside the classroom is an important part of your college experience. Each CCAC campus has a variety of activities to enhance your lifestyle - including athletics, cultural events and personal development seminars.

    We hope you will explore the possibilities for fun and learning that our student life programs have to offer. An events calendar, information on clubs, specific athletics pages, contact information and more are provided for each campus.

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  • Cultural Events

    Culture is an important part of Pittsburgh life and each campus provides a variety cultural events. Come enjoy our plays, musical performances, art shows and other special events. CCAC students are eligible for discounts to local events that make participation easy and affordable. Tickets can be purchased at a greatly reduced rate through the Student Life office. Enjoy being a part of Pittsburgh's vibrant cultural scene.

    Student Clubs and Organizations

    Student life has student organizations covering a broad range of interests. Each campus has clubs that support social activities, academic pursuits and professional networking. Opportunities are also available to help students develop leadership skills and acquire hands-on experience in managing an organization.

    Fitness for Health and Fun

    Each campus has a gymnasium and fitness center that is available to all students. Indoor and outdoor activities include intramural sports, ski trips and deck hockey, to name just a few. We believe in developing the body as well as the mind and we make it easy for students to do both.  

    Intercollegiate Sports

    Intercollegiate sports are available at each campus. CCAC sponsors male, female and co-ed teams in a wide variety of sports, including basketball, tennis volleyball, golf and bowling. All students are invited to participate, regardless of age or fitness level.

    Media and Journalism

    Students interested in communications fields are encouraged to join the newspaper staff or submit some of their poetry for publication in CCAC's literary magazine. For those who want to work in communications, there are plenty of opportunities at each of the four campuses.

    Student Engagement Transcript

    The Student Engagement Transcript is a free service offered by Student Life to document and verify participation in athletics, student clubs and organizations, campus events, and community service. Official copies of the Student Engagement Transcript can be added to a resume and academic transcript.

  • The CCAC Student Handbook

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    CCAC's Student Handbook is a helpful guide for all students to refer to concerning services for students, academic information, policies and regulations and general information.

    We hope you will use this handbook to help you maintain a positive learning experience while you are a student at CCAC.

  • Contact your Campus Student Life Office

    Allegheny Campus 
    Office of Student Life, CCAC Allegheny Campus
    Physical Education Building 431

    Boyce Campus 
    Office of Student Life, CCAC Boyce Campus

    North Campus 
    Office of Student Life, CCAC North Campus
    Room 1020

    South Campus 
    Office of Student Life, CCAC South Campus