• Student Newspapers 

    CCAC has three student newspapers full of interesting articles and unique perspectives. Please be on the lookout for student newspapers or stop into your local Student Life office to see how you can get involved. 

    Allegheny View

    The Allegheny View is a student-based newspaper that is published monthly. Articles, photography and cartoons are submitted from the student body and reviewed by the staff and adviser for content. The View circulates 4,000 editions each semester and serves thousands of readers in the communities near the Allegheny Campus and Homewood-Brushton Center. If you would like to contribute to upcoming issues, please feel free to contact the View adviser.

  • Boyce Collegian

    The Boyce Collegian is a student operated laboratory newspaper that provides training in writing, reporting, photography, advertising, graphic design and communication skills. Students may or may not enroll in Boyce's journalism classes to be members of the staff; however, all staff members learn journalistic practices as they work, hands-on, to produce at least six issues a year. The Collegian primarily provides news and information of interest to Boyce's students and a forum for the expression of opinion.

  • North Voice

    The Voice is the student newspaper for CCAC North Campus and West Hills. The Voice is completely student-run and subsidized by advertising. The student editorial board and staff create and edit all content and design each issue. The paper is distributed monthly during the academic year and is also available online. Students at North and West Hills are invited to become writers, photographers, advertising representatives, editors, cartoonists, and designers by contacting the adviser.

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  • Contact your Campus Student Life Office

    Allegheny Campus 
    Office of Student Life, CCAC Allegheny Campus
    Physical Education Building 431

    Boyce Campus 
    Office of Student Life, CCAC Boyce Campus

    North Campus 
    Office of Student Life, CCAC North Campus
    Room 1020

    South Campus 
    Office of Student Life, CCAC South Campus